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23 Dec 2023

Google Apps is a collection of Google applications which are quite important in everyday life, for example every day we use applications such as YouTube to play videos, Google Translate to translate languages, Google Chrome for web browser browsing. So Google Apps is important to install on our smartphones, especially for Android users.

Basically, Google Apps is installed on the stock ROM (vendor’s default ROM) but there are also some that don’t have Google Apps installed due to policy reasons or other reasons, for example MIUI CHINA and some custom ROMs such as Lineage OS or others.

So this time I will discuss Gapps (Google Apps) custom which is quite popular among the Android community, namely LiteGapps, let’s review this interesting project.

litegapps is a dedicated gapps open source project developed by senior member xda-developer @wahyu6070, this project focuses on a minimal, efficient and complete gapps, capable of handling a wide range of user cases. Litegapps has unique installation modes namely systemless and non systemless, let’s discuss more about these two modes:


The installation mode that installs on an Android partition fakely (files are not installed natively on the partition) uses the Magisk module or KSU module installation system which can even make fake modifications to the read only partition.

Non systemless

namely the normal/old installation mode which installs files directly into the Android partition (files are installed natively), so to use this mode the Android partition must be able to read/write into the partition in order to modify or install Google Apps files.

So which is better, systemless and non-systemless

Both are actually the same depending on which mode we use and which is suitable for the ROM we use.

Litegapps offers 5 products to fulfill various cases of Google Apps on Android, namely: litegapps,litegapps++,litegapps addon,litegapps remover,litegapps controller.


Regular LiteGapps is the first product to offer complete Android version and architecture support, apart from that LiteGapps also provides 8 variants: Lite,Core,User,Go ,Basic,Nano,Micro,Pixel.

Android 14.0 - arm64 - arm

Android 13.0 - arm64 - arm

Android 12.1 - arm64 - arm

Android 11.0 - arm64 - arm

Android 10.0 - arm64 - arm


Litegapps double plus is the second product that offers one to be used on various devices, Android and Architecure versions, so you don’t need to save lots of Litegapps files, you just need to save one. but it has variants like regular litegapps, it has 3 types: litegapps++,litegapps LTS,litegapps MicroG.

LiteGapps++ - regular - lts - microg

LiteGapps controller

LiteGapps Controller is an additional feature of LiteGapps which has many features that can be used by users, for example boost, gaming mode, battery, tweaks and other features.

How to install

You can be in magisk,ksu manager and recovery.

How to use

LiteGapps Controller

LiteGapps Addon

LiteGapps Addon is a collection of packages from LiteGapps that can be installed independently, this is to address users who need applications they like that are not available in the LiteGapps or LiteGapps++ packages.

You can install addon without even installing LiteGapps, and it supports systemless and systemless installations.

LiteGapps Addon

LiteGapps Remover

LiteGapps Remover functions to remove gapps from stock ROM or custom ROM, this was created to overcome ROMs that already have gapps installed and then delete them, before installing LiteGapps so that it doesn’t conflict with existing gapps.

LiteGapps Remover


Litegapps has complete products and features for handling Google Apps on Android, so this is one of the custom GAPPS that you must have.

For a more complete documentation link, you can visit the official page LiteGapps

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