Hello, my name is Wahyu or commonly known (wahyu6070), this is my official page. This page contains notes written as documentation for myself or for you as visitors.

Who am I?

I am a young man who likes to learn something new, I am very confident in myself. I started to be interested in an operating system, namely Android, there I started learning about the operating system.

let's see what I've learned here :


After I entered the world of Android, I saw something interesting, namely Magisk, a tool for rooting Android which has many tools and features that you can use. for example :

Magisk module

This is a unique feature that can install or add files to partitions such as /system,/product.

And what's great is that it's systemless, meaning it doesn't read and write partitions, it's like doing linking on Linux. but this doesn't do linking, it works similar to mount union on Linux.


This is a binary executable whose function is to unpack/repack images (img) and other features can patch the image.

Example Usage :

./magiskboot unpack boot.img

./magiskboot repack boot.img


This is a feature that is no less interesting, by activating this you can bypass Safetynet

Custom Rom

Custom ROMs on Android are something that I like, with the community or ROM developers here I have learned a lot about the Android system or customizing the UI of Android. By switching from stock ROM (factory default ROM) to custom ROM, there are many features and customizations that you can get, for example:

  • Update security patch to latest android source
  • Free ultimate storage google photos
  • Upstream to latest kernel source
  • Debloat system apps bloatware
  • Use Pixel launcher Port
  • Optimize kernel for gaming performance experience
  • Support F2FS type patition format
  • Support NTFS windows patition format
  • Use RAM Swap for added Ram extended (2GB+)
  • Custom Boot animation
  • Support Kernelsu Integration
  • Hight Performance for gaming (tweaks kernel)
  • Update to latest version android

and there are still many features and customizations that you can use, of course I can't mention them, in essence a custom ROM is a good option for optimizing our Android device.


Custom kernels on Android are one of the advantages of Android, you can install kernels from your device's community, with additional features and optimization by Android developers. and here are some features that you can consider before installing the kernel:

  • Upstreams kernel to latest version
  • Oveclocking CPU for boosting performance
  • Support F2FS and NTFS
  • Added Kernelsu support
  • Update Snapdragon Driver
  • Update GPU Driver

I only mentioned a few of the above, of course every device/developer has features according to the hardware, in essence the custom kernel is better than the stock kernel because it is updated.


I also developed several software on Android that is new and liked by the Android community, and below are some of my works:

Jancox Tool

Jancox Tool An excellent Android ROM unpacking and repacking tool that supports multi platforms Android,Windows,Linux and also supports multi architecture arm,arm64,x86,x86_64 with additional features that can be used via the terminal emulator by calling the jancox function. To use this you must install Python 3.


Pingger stable is a Magisk module which functions to repair unstable internet connections when playing, by tweaking the main Android system. I also added several gaming mode features, boosting and many others in the terminal menu, by calling the pingger function. Then you will enter the pingger menu which you can use when playing games.


TirexBox A feature-rich Magisk module for the Android user experience, adding several tweaks.

Nyenuk AI

Nyenuk AI uses AI as tweaking that runs in the background to manage OS performance by adjusting the operating system's needs.

Magisk Post Fs

System Post-FS It will work after boot starting with application usage management so as to optimize memory usage.

D0lby 4tmos

D0lby 4tmosis an audio equalizer ported to several devices, you can install it in Magisk.

Selinux Permassiver

Selinux Permisiver magisk module which functions to force selinux from enforce to permasive.

Rog Phone Bootanimation

ROG phone boot animation Magisk module which functions to change the boot animation from stock to ASUS ROG phone

Kopi Installer

Kopi Installer A flashable installer that can handle many cases and supports installation anywhere, has 3 installation modes, namely:

  • Magisk converting to magisk module *(systemless)*
  • KSU converting into ksu module *(systemless)*
  • Kopi Converting into a copy of the module *(non systemless)*

Sdm 636 Booster

Sdm 636 Booster : Snapdragon 636 is a magisk or ksu module which functions to speed up processor performance by overclocking the CPU and several other profiling, this is only for the Snapdragon 636 chipset.

Firmware Only

Firmware Only For X00T/X01BD : I also ported the firmware only from stock Asus and converted it into a flashable zip that can be installed in recovery.

Best Magisk Module 2024

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