Cyanogenmod 12.1 Android 5.1 Lolipop Redmi Note 3 pro (kenzo)

22 Dec 2023

This time I will share a custom ROM, namely CyanogenMod for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo) based on Android 5.1, so this ROM is actually very old school because CyanogenMod itself has stopped operating and distributing custom ROMs in full.

Even though this ROM is old school, it can make us nostalgic, especially for those who like to use custom ROMs and modify their Android, this ROM was quite popular in its time, even this Cyanogenmod custom ROM is a very legendary ROM because this ROM provides very real changes compared to using the default ROM. vendors.

Why am I discussing this old school rom?

So the story is that I wanted to test LiteApps based on Android 5.0 so I found this ROM. Coincidentally, my cellphone is a Redmi Note 3 Pro which supports this ROM and the ROM which has been available for a long time is still available on several other websites. and I successfully tested this ROM and it ran smoothly.

After I installed this ROM on my Kenzo, I felt that this ROM was really outdated in terms of menus, appearance, features and so on, if you compare it to the current ROM, which at the time this article was written had reached Android 14, so I recommend using this ROM. to reminisce about this Cyanogenmod ROM which is a legend in the custom ROM world.

But even though this ROM is old school, it still has features that are no less than the latest Android version now, here are some of the CyanogenMod features on Redmi Note 3 Pro:



Cyanogenmod supports native system themes, which allows users to change the look and feel of the Android system according to your wishes. You can download themes and modify the appearance via the Cyanogenmod theme, you can also create your own with Cyanogenmod’s theme engine, you can change fonts, themes, animations, icons and many others according to your creations.

Privacy Guard

Cyanogenmod has a strong security system, namely Privacy Guard, this security system manages application permissions in detail so that our personal data is safe such as contacts, SMS, files, location and so on. You can activate this feature in the settings and there are several features that can be used, so your data will be safe, which is no longer available in the custom ROM of the successor to Lineage OS. This privacy guard feature was removed from Lineage a long time ago, so this old school thing is quite good in terms of security.


Cyanogenmod supports enabling WiFi and tethering, USB, Bluetooth simultaneously without special permission from your operator. So you can use your device as a means of connecting WiFi to other devices.


Cyanogenmod optimizes performance in various ways such as CPU overclocking, optimizing memory management, deleting unused default applications, and optimizing system application performance. Cyanogenmod also provides profiles that can be selected according to user needs.


CyanogenMod gives users many options to customize the Android system according to your wishes. Here are some of the features that you can customize, namely soft buttons, status bar, other tweaks for tablets, toggle pull-ups in notifications, and significant interface improvements. Users can change the settings function, size, color, font, font size and button position, add or remove icons from the status bar, change the screen size and orientation, add or remove notification toggle buttons, and change the appearance of the battery, button style, internet speed meter , signals and more.




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