Upload File SourceForge Using SSH In Termux or Ubuntu

24 Dec 2023

Sourceforge is a website that provides unlimited online storage for free, all projects in sourceforge are open source which can be downloaded for free by anyone.

Sourceforge provides a place to upload via a web browser online on their website, which is not efficient when we want to upload lots of files or large files. because sourceforge limits uploads via browser to only max 1GB and usually when we upload a fairly large file there will be a crash during the upload process, but don’t worry, I have a solution to overcome this problem.

So this time I will share a tutorial on how to upload files to SourcerForge using SSH: sftp and scp using the Android Termux or Linux Ubuntu platforms. Just go straight to the tutorial:

Account Sourceforge

The first thing you need to prepare is that you must have a SourceForge account and create at least one project. If you don’t have an account, you can register for free on the SourceForge site and then you must create at least one project.


After you have prepared your account, you can install ssh in the Termux or Ubuntu terminal.

Update list package

Linux Ubuntu

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Android Termux

apt update && apt upgrade

Install SSH

Linux Ubuntu

apt-get install ssh

Android Termux

apt install openssh


There are several ways to upload SourceForge files using the terminal, namely:


Before uploading you have to enter the directory of the file you want to upload, for example I have a file in /sdcard/file.txt you can do cd for example cd /sdcard

Login shell sourceforge

First you have to enter the sourceforge shell by sftp (username)@web.sourceforge.net

Example : sftp wahyu6070@web.sourceforge.net

Project Directory

After you enter the shell, you can enter your sourceforge project directory by: cd /home/frs/project/(project name)

Example : cd /home/frs/project/wahyu6070

Upload Files

You can upload to sourceforge with put (file name)

Example : put file.txt




In conclusion, using SSH via the terminal is the most effective solution when we want to upload large files and large numbers to SourceForge, rather than uploading via a web browser.

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