Lineage 15.1 Android 8.1 Oreo Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (X00T)

24 Dec 2023

Lineage Os is an open source Android operating system based on AOSP developed by the Android community, which is now one of the most popular custom ROMs among the Android community.

This lineage is the successor to the CyanogenMod project after it stopped operating by providing extensive device support that users can enjoy. This custom ROM is actively developed and updated by the developers.

This time I will share a custom ROM, namely Lineage 15.1 based on the official Android 8.1 on the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, actually this ROM has not been updated for a long time and was removed from the official Lineage site, but I have backed up this ROM so you can install Lineage 15. which is why this ROM is quite old school.

This ROM was the best custom ROM in the Android Oreo era, at that time this ROM was famous for being stable, smooth, lots of features, advanced security and so on. This ROM began to be abandoned after Google released Android Pie as the successor to Android Oreo and the new version of Lineage 16.0 has been released officially.

The Lineage project has now reached Lineage 20, even though the Lineage 15.1 ROM that we are discussing is old school, the features it offers are no less in terms of performance, features, stability, security and battery optimization. The following are the features in Lineage 15.1 on Kenzo:


Privacy Guard

lineage 15 offers an advanced security feature called privacy guard which allows users to manage application permission management in detail and powerfully to: personal data, location, applications, viruses and system-damaging applications. this feature has been removed in the latest version of Lineage, so privacy guard is one of the advantages of this ROM.


Lineage 15 gives users the freedom to customize the function and appearance of your device, such as icons, themes, fonts, statusbar, navigation, internet speed meter and others.

Audio Fx

lineage 15 offers Audio Fx as a built-in equalizer which allows users to personalize the speaker sound so that the music is matched to the sound, this feature will be more optimal if using a handset.

Jely browser

lineage 15 uses jekky browser as the default browser, this browser is very light, fast and smooth using AOSP WebView as a supporting browser framework. This browser is simple and easy to use.

Trecbucket Launcher

trecbucket is the default launcher from Lineage 15, this launcher has features that are simple, smooth and easy to use. This also supports icon patches which you can get on Playstore.

Lineage Music

Lineage Music is the default music application from Lineage with elegant features and is integrated with Android FX, so this application functions as a default music player feature that can be used by users.

Lineage also provides a built-in gallery application which functions to open photos or videos in memory storage. This gallery application is quite nice and simple to use for handling media players.

Lineage OTA Update

Lineage supports OTA updates which are able to carry out regular updates automatically, you can open this update menu in the settings. This update feature is to handle where lineage is updated regularly and you can easily update lineage to the latest version.

How To Install


This ROM is suitable for those of you who like Android Oreo, the ROM is still light and has advanced security features and several other features. This ROM is quite rare because on the official Lineage page it has been removed.





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